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Increases the travel distance of the horizontal boost.

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Did you know that you can boost horizontally? I didn't either until now, because this option was well hidden.
To enable horizontal boost, go to your keybind settings and bind an alternate key for jumping (LAlt recommended).
Now pressing the alternate jump key twice twice while moving forward will propel you forward.

Apparently this doesn't work with all Boostpacks, and if you're having trouble getting it to work, try changing your Boostpack.
It has been confirmed to work with Basic BoostpackBalanced BoostpackSkip Capacity Boostpack.

This mod simply increases the travel distance of the horizontal boost. (3x, 5x, 10x)

Note: This mod may disable achievements.
To avoid this, use the Baka Achievement Enabler.


  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your game's root folder (the folder containing Starfield.exe).
  • Load your save.
  • Open console and type "bat HBT*" (* = your desired multiplier without * asterisk, E.G. bat HBT3).
  • The settings will be saved into your save.
  • To reset to default, open console and type "bat HBTReset".