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Simply increases the walk speed so you can keep up with all those speedy NPCs.

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I have remade the mod using the newly released xEdit. I replaced the esp version with the new esm in my game and it worked fine, but I have not thoroughly tested it so do this at your own risk. I highly recommend removing all "sTestFile" lines from your ini.


Increases the walk speed by around 50%. (Matches NPC walk speed. Can cause 3rd person animation to appear too slow)

Optional alternative file for 30% walk speed increase. (Slightly slower, but 3rd person isn't negatively affected)


  • Enable Archive Invalidation.
  • Download and install Plugins.txt Enabler.  No longer required for game versions after update released on June 9th, 2024 (1.12.30)
  • Extract the ESM file into your game's root "Starfield\Data" folder.
  • Navigate to your "AppData\Local\Starfield" folder.
  • Add the following line into your "Plugins.txt" (if it doesn't exist, create one)

Note: This mod disables achievements.
To avoid this, use the Baka Achievement Enabler.