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This is a follower named Samantha Lang

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This is the first follower mod for Starfield enjoy.

To use this mod, you'll need to start by setting up your StarfieldCustom.ini Gopher has provided the instructions for it.

After you've taken care of that you'll need to navigate to your Star field's main directory, you'll want to open up starfield.ini.

Insert this under [General]

If General does not exist for whatever reason just create it. 
When done close and save.

Place the downloaded esp into data folder and you're done, launch starfield.

Once in game you're going to need to get familiar with some commands. ~ Opens the command prompt in game.

1FollowerProgram01 is the name of the Samantha's quest file it contains a total of 4 aliases for right now, meaning you can add up to 4 followers in addition
to your existing 1 companion.

Type help "follower" 0

It will display the above quests ID write it down.

setconsolescopequest 02001ECF yours may differ.

Type help "Samantha" 0
Write her id down as well.

Type Player.placeatme 02000800 yours may differ. This spawns Samantha at your location.

click on her with your mouse.

type forcerefintoalias samanthalang

if no errors occur then while she is selected
Type setplayerteammate 1 when in a safe area like home type setplayerteammate 0 again while she's selected to dismiss.

At this point she should be following very well. If she gets bugged and stops following typing resetai while selected or setplayerteammate 0 then 1 again can also fix most issues.

To recruit even more followers, you can use recruit01 - 03

Important note: If you switch quests or you just enter the game, you must reinitiate it by setconsolescopequest xxxxxxxx QuestID.

If you lose your follower, you can view them in the quest. You do this by typing showquestscopealiaes xxxxxxxx QuestID.

To kick someone out of the quest use emptyrefalias samanthalang or any of the other aliases to remove them.

Yea I know this is alot to learn and take in, but hey you'll have backup. XD enjoy....