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the sakura candy society

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retexturing starfield to be cute n colorful

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are you tired of drab depressing designs?

really miss your childhoods colorful cartoons?

afraid of venturing out into the cold creepy confines of space?

announcing the most exciting product launch of your lifetime!

relax in the ocular embrace of the best and brightest art!

and help us pave the way to a better tomorrow!


 the sakura candy society is elated to report that we've partnered with the brands you know and love,
to bring a fresh coat of paint to the products you trust and depend on.
bringing you brand new takes on the retro designs you grew up with and colors that'll help you stand out in any crowd.   venture to the deepest darkest depths of space with peace of mind,
because the supplies you need will shine brighter than any star!


i cant start my dialogue replacer without xedit or the construction kit, so i figured id do some textures to tide me over. gonna try to do a handful a day, but no promises. very very very wip, bc nifskope wont open the meshes for me to track down the random shared textures. 

all textures will be lower resolution than the base game, and normals n stuff have been reduced so its performance friendly on top of cute!

currently contains the following packs:
saccharinity of starfield- all the below
slurps or stacks- consumables, currently some food and drinks
sits or stashes- furniture and set dressings
stabs or slacks- clothing n weapons
stalls or shacks- terrestrial architecture
sand or shrubs- landscape stuff
scalies or speakies- animals n people

the following are planned:
ships or stars-space stuff

(this mod may alter the gameplay experience, user discretion is advised)

(this mod is dedicated to my family, friends and maintaining time honored traditions in the modding community)