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A simple hex edit of the temple puzzle script to change the number of required rings to hit to one.

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The sheer number of temples you need to complete in regular gameplay has made "solving" the puzzle extremely dull.

I did a basic hex edit of the script sbringpuzzlenewscript.pex to change the number of required rings to hit in the temple puzzle from five to one.

To manually install, make sure it ends up in the game directory as Data\scripts\sbringpuzzlenewscript.pex. If the Data\scripts directory does not already exist, create it.

If your save file is within the temple chamber, you will likely either need to leave and re-enter or wait until the next temple puzzle for the modified version of the script to take effect.

⚠️ You will likely need to enable older file invalidation for the game to load the modified script file. You can refer to this guide on how to enable it: Loose File Modding ⚠️