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  1. Bub200
    • member
    • 71 kudos
    UPDATE 090923 - Version 2.2

    I just pushed update. Theres bunch of tweaks, plus biggest change is that I've decided to remove fast interactions from this mod to streamline the debugging and updating process. I hope this also helps you compose the best mod pack for your needs.
    Again, this mod is fully compatible with Ultra-Anim - Fast Interaction Animations 


    • Decreased initial docking anim speed (attempt to fix boarding loop bug)
    • Removed instant landing. This caused too much troubles considering how rare those animations are. I will keep working on this
    • Fast interactions are now available separately here
    • Fixed floating Kreet ships

    Make sure you delete all previous mod version files before updating the mod!
    This mod was reworked completely so it doesn't use old version files.
    Files to delete: 
    Tables folder:
    Cameras folder: (multiple files)
    Graphs folder:
    shipdockingbridge.agx, furniture.agx, furniturepilotseat.agx, furnitureworkbench.agx, ladder.agx, shipdockingbridge.agx, slavedfurnitureworkbench.agx

    Newest version uses only shiproot.agx

    Don't hesitate to leave a bug report! If the bug you encountered has already been reported, please leave a comment on the bug report so I can get an idea of how common the bug is. Thanks!


    Other mods I'm currently working on:

    1st person ship animations (takeoff, landing, grav jump)
    - Landing animations play each time (researching)
    - Space walking (researching)
    - Insect mod (lol) 
    - Animal companion

    If you want follow my progress, I'll be uploading videos of tests and prototypes on my ko-fi page (not paywalled): Link to gallery
  2. Bub200
    • member
    • 71 kudos
    If you can't fly or you're stuck in some animation:

    This is caused by Vortex mod manager: it is unable to install this, or any other anim related mods without breaking them.

    Thats something I can’t fix.

    So, for now please install files manually until Vortex team fixes their tool (it may take a while).
    Alternatively you can try Mod Organizer 2.

    Official answer:

    ”This is caused by deploying using Symlinks, moving your staging folder to same HDD as the game and switching to hardlinks will fix it.”
  3. Slatch12345
    • member
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    Stopped working with the new patch. I tried to reinstall but nothing
  4. Kronemagus
    • member
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    I've noticed that if you leave the ship early while it's docking, the docker will be misaligned when you come back since it looks like it doesn't finish the animation if you don't stay to watch it. It's not a huge deal and is purely visual as far as I know, but it's just something I wanted to bring up if you have the tools and time to iron it out.

    There's also a somewhat awkward moment where a glitched-out screen appears when you take off from a planet in the "skip everything" version, but again it just seems to be visual. I'm not sure if a loading screen background could be implemented on top of that or something. The time period appears to be too short for the whole takeoff cinematic, so the mod does still appear to shorten the time, it just looks a bit weird.
  5. leerose
    • supporter
    • 1 kudos
    This is awesome, love it.  Thank you
  6. RickyTheOx
    • supporter
    • 143 kudos
    Excellent mod.
    Disabled it for now, cuse I love to see my ship as much as possible    =)

  7. tedbash
    • member
    • 1 kudos
    There we have it. The first mandatory mod in my setup
  8. manoble522
    • member
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    I installed both this mod and the ultra-anim mod. After installing manually they both worked as intended. I have the VBB mod with swimsuit override also installed and saw some weird side effect. After installing these mods the swimsuit was displaying all crazy like with vertexes bouncing all over the place. Is anyone else having anything similar or know how to have everything coexist? 
  9. sandwichHLP
    • member
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    I would love it if, instead of removing these transition scenes outright, there was just a way to press a button to skip them. Is that possible somehow?
  10. Zarzaria
    • supporter
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    Great work, could you remove the animation/movement where the player exists the pilot seat? really annoying
  11. ChrisKatalyst
    • member
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    This mod is not working on xbox game pass for PC. did everything as instructed and does not work
    1. GhostCenturion
      • member
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      Yep, can confirm, doesn't work but gives black screens randomly in conversations or after loading and hitting ESC fixes it. But doesn't skip the animations of docking or whatever. 
  12. only1evg
    • member
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    Would there ever be a hope of just adding the ability to press a button to choose if you wanted to skip or not? sometimes its nice to see the occasional landing/take off.