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Fully modular and extensively documented for easy personalization! The most in-depth overhaul to Starfield's AI so far (probably). Contains roughly 100 tweaked parameters across several scripts. Save safe! Yes, it makes your companions smarter, too!

Includes 1-click mod manager install if you have SFSE + CCR.

Permissions and credits
If you're enjoying the overhauls, please consider endorsing!

All tweaks are save safe as they are game settings loaded through console commands; if you remove the scripts the game will automatically use the vanilla values on the next restart.

Formerly had Experimental in the title, but it's pretty much stable at this point.

1.4 -> 1.5 Changelog:
Added new setting for maximum active AI, 5x higher than vanilla
Damage Changes-
Increased health pool bonus from levels slightly
Adjusted damage mults steps from 0.25 to 0.15 per difficulty, slightly decreasing one hit kill potential at very easy/hard difficulties
Combat AI Changes-
Decreased combat taunt chance slightly
AI will try to shoot a little more before reloading
AI stay suppressed longer
Decreased AI cover aggressiveness slightly
AI react moderately faster
Decreased AI accuracy slightly
Stealth AI Changes-
Significantly reduced AI detection cone
Significantly reduced player sound generation
Reduced player sound generation when not in direct line of sight
Reduced stealth malus when in high light areas
AI base senses are slightly worse
AI will hunt further away

Description of changes
The (v1.X) versioning is just for reference for the last time that specific set of tweaks was updated.
Experimental Combat and Stealth AI Tweaks - AIO (v1.4)
The latest version of all the files in one, highly recommend to use just this one as there are comments and documentation in the file to tweak or remove features you don't want. This includes some updated values to keep some vanilla bugs from being as common, though without mod tools they can't be fully resolved. Includes tweaks not present in other files to make sure everything plays well together but may detract from the experience if they're run on their own, primarily focused on making the AI a little faster in decision making instead of overtuning a couple stats to deal with some individual shortcomings.

Experimental Combat AI (v1.1)
NPCs will be more decisive in their actions instead of poorly reacting to the player. They will scramble to cover faster, engage more as a group, attempt to surround and overpower you if you're not careful, and actually hit their aimed shots if you're within their optimal range. They will make use of better tactics such as buddy rushing, suppressive fire, or seeking better firing positions / ranges. They will see you from further away and attempt to engage as soon as they can without waiting for you to make the first move. This affects both enemies and your companions; expect enemies to be more competent but your companion to actually be able to hold their own if they're not being immediately overpowered.
The easier preset for this script makes the NPCs less accurate overall without losing their new tactical know-how.

Experimental Combat AI 2 (v1.3)
Intended to be used in tandem with the Experimental Combat AI, but is not necessary for it.
A secondary set of tweaks that further improves the NPCs tactics involving cover. They will quickly determine how to flush you out and employ that strategy if they deem it too risky to rush you normally; expect lots of grenades. They will take more aimed shots at you if you're partially exposed and will
constantly be on the lookout to employ a grenade to keep you where they can engage you. Additionally, they will prefer to fight from cover more
often if possible and will try to keep you from getting too close to it if they don't have somewhere to back off to. The intent of this secondary set of tweaks was to specifically address some player cheese tactics without making them terminators.

Experimental Stealth AI (v1.1)
NPCs get actual object permanence and will try to survive having a silent killer in their midst. They will alert all their allies if a dead body
is found or if they suspect any nefarious activity or engage in combat. You can still be sneaky, but you'll have to have good equipment, perks,
and skills to outsmart them. For gameplay's sake NPCs will remain combat ready for roughly a minute after you hide and stay in alert for another
minute before going back to standby. If they're able to, they will hunt you down and attempt to flush you out.
The easier preset for this script makes the NPCs less aware to make sure that honest stealth players can still stealth while still giving NPCs significantly better memories than vanilla.

Experimental HP Tweaks (v1.2)
Increases damage taken and dealt and substantially reduces the bonus HP from levels to both NPCs and your player character. These are my personal settings for damage multipliers and health pool calculations that I recommend to use with my tweaks, but it is almost entirely personal preference. If you are using another mod to alter these and the gameplay doesn't feel good, try my settings!
If added to or removed from an existing game you will need to level up to have your health recalculated with the different values; this is a game limitation that I don't have an easy setting solve for.
These values affect space combat and I cannot easily split space and ground damage mults since they are actor values instead of game settings. You can change your own damage multiplier by executing 'player.forceav PlayerIncomingShipDamageMult 0.4' after loading a save. The forceav command modifies the actor value for your save and only needs to be run once per character (and re-run when you NG+); the default value is 0.65 if you want to revert it.

Some testimony from users (if you see yourself here and don't want to be, let me know!)

I used LiveINI and testing/documentation from various settings from Fallout 4 and 76 to compile these settings; all the settings have a comment with their vanilla value and intended purpose in their script. Due to the lack of documentation and the presence of deprecated values some settings may be nonfunctional or misbehave, but trial and error has hopefully kept that to a minimum.

If you have corrections for the settings or suggestions to improve them, please let me know! This script was made entirely with trial, error, and anecdotal experiences.

Installation Instructions:
Put any of the scripts in your My Games/Starfield directory and add it to your starting console commands in StarfieldCustom.ini. If you don't have a StarfieldCustom.ini yet, grab one of the many prebuilt ones from Nexus (or mine) and then do the above instruction.


Nexus breaks the formatting for actual text :(

If you already have mods that change the settings this one alters you can run my script afterwards by putting the script afterwards or removing the offending tweaks, such as deleting the damage mult changes if you have a mod that does that already.