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Stairs inch closer to being done.

Happy with the repeat design now.
Need to refine many things yet.
Easy to walk around all sides to access doors.
Stairs may seem a little narrow, but in reality are plenty wide - 1x1 habs are 8x8x3.51 meters. The stairs are around 1/4 that with / 2 meters.
The design can be easily adapted to be single rise, and i have a plan for an interesting variation...


  1. etiennect
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    This looks awesome.  Agree it is still dependent on forcing ladders not to form.  The workaround of reducing the overlap distance so you can place equipment plates or portholes between habs is clever, but super-janky.  An invisible module that can blocks doorways is the biggest need right now, follwoed very closely by this.  THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING YOUR SKILLS TO WORK ON THIS!!!
    1. Deantendo
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      The other solution is a custom hab or pair of habs joined to allow this and also to limit door and ladder placement as needed.

      The technical side of what this could be is way, way outside of my skills and interest. So if it can or cannot be placed in a hab module? I have no idea, but suspect it could be done via the CK.

      I appreciate the appreciation! I like making things and modding games. But meshes / photoshop / concepts only. I stick to what i'm interested in.
      I'm able to stay interested because things like this are both what i feel is missing, and what i personally want in the game.

      I cold have done this quicker, but i'm trying to get reasonably close to the same quality of model the game already has. Integration is important to me. It should look like it was meant to be there, but i also want to make every part of it myself. It'll use standard material etc though.
  2. PillowyGiant69
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    Ohhh now I'm looking forward to this mod! would need to find a way to force the Ladders to not spawn in though...
    1. radiusmagnus
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      making it compatible with mod should fix the ladder problem