Replace ship services technician with cardboard cutout with sounds - Collab with me

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I am so SO bored of the same lines from the same guy all over the settled systems. he must be a clone. I bet his last name is Sanon.

So the idea is this: Remove person, replace with cardboard cutout. The cutout is static, but you can interact with it like normal. You can opt to have or mute sounds.

Clearly; I've done all the modelling and textures. What i need is someone capable of all the other stuff.


  1. InvaderJoshua
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    You should add a little speaker attached to the cutout.
    1. Deantendo
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      I was planning on putting a speaker on/in the base ;)
  2. ralfetas
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    I like the idea.
    Should work for all vendors, would explain why they are always on the store and never sleep, eat etc like in the past games.