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Maps are WIP, but just showing off the new map design. Moved the maps to a more natural location where instead of being accessed through a random trapdoor in the backwoods, you go through a crevice within the walls towards the dwarf which leads you to the Joja designed hideout. This will also be able to serve the same purpose as the Boarding House mod does where you can create your own floor, design it any way you want, and place an npc or multiple npcs in it. And while this place is intended for alien npcs, J'Tae the alien Overseer wants more humans to get along with her and the other alien species so it would still make sense for her to get a room made for a human that wants to live with them.

For those of you interested in the lore:
Lore is that after some secret talks from visiting alien ambassadors with the government, Joja was contracted to build this underground base in the back of the mine.
Of course, the press has discovered and shared various news/rumors about alien visitors and sightings, but most either don't care because they are too rare and don't do anything or they don't believe it because they have yet to meet one.
I was originally going to make the aliens a super secret thing that no human knew about, but I don't want to have to address the same "Aliens exist!?!!" for every alien when having them be out and about. Instead people will just be weirded out or curious about some 3 eyed fish lady walking around for example.

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  1. Plushieslushie
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    Very cool and interesting!
    1. NexusUser7B2
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      Thank you!
      This honestly is on the way to becoming an actual expansion than just a few individual npc mods like I originally planned. It's very strange how it has developed.
      Btw I already made some more changes if you want to check it out. :)