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Hey guys, Buffalo's Ranch was a way of making the Deluxe Cheese Press and Deluxe Loom not obtainable before you could actually obtain the normal versions, but since Digus' created Producer Framework Mod(PFM), we no longer require those machines - since there was no way of producing custom cheese or custom cloth from Vanilla's Cheese Press and Loom. With the implementation of PFM, Sheila's shop became quite irrelevant, so I overhauled it - now it will have a rotating stock of Animal Machines: Mon and Tue: Bee House and Cheese Press
Wed and Thu: Mayo Machine and Loom
Fri and Sat: Slime Incubator and Slime-Egg Press

Also, if you're using Animal Husbandry Mod and once I update my AHM packs you'll be able to purchase animal treats that can be used to increase their happiness. They should give you around 250 frienship points (Pet's have fixed friendship values for treats - sorry).