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Allows for some artifacts to be gifts, so that your duplicates actually have a use!

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Gift-able Artifacts:

The goal of this was just to open up the door for another use for artifacts if you ever happen to find duplicates. 

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.

List of Artifacts set up for gifting:

Amphibian Fossil - Demetrius (LIKE), Sebastian (LOVE)
Arrowhead - Sebastian (LIKE)
Anchor - Elliot (LIKE), Willy (LIKE)
Ancient Doll - Jas (LOVE)
Ancient Drum - Abigail (LIKE), Sam (LIKE)
Ancient Sword - Clint (LIKE), Abigail (LIKE), Sebastian (LOVE)
Bone Flute - Sam (LIKE), Abigail (LIKE)
Chewing Stick - Linus (LIKE)
Chicken Statue - Marnie (LIKE), Shane (LIKE)
Dinosaur Egg - Demetrius (LIKE), Shane (LIKE)
Dried Starfish - Willy (LIKE)
Dwarf Gadget - Maru (LIKE)
Dwarf Scrolls - Penny (LIKE)
Dwarvish Helm - Dwarf (LOVE)
Elvish Jewelry - Haley (LIKE), Emily (LIKE), Leah (LIKE), Penny (LIKE)
Glass Shards - Leah (LIKE)
Golden Mask - Vincent (LIKE), Wizard (LIKE)
Golden Relic - Krobus (LIKE), Clint (LIKE)
Nautilus Fossil - Demetrius (LIKE)
Ornamental Fan - Evelyn (LIKE), Sandy (LIKE)
Prehistoric Hand - Harvey (LIKE), Maru (LIKE)
Prehistoric Rib - Harvey (LIKE), Maru (LIKE)
Prehistoric Scapula - Harvey (LIKE), Maru (LIKE)
Prehistoric Skull - Harvey (LIKE), Maru (LIKE)
Prehistoric Tibia - Harvey (LIKE), Maru (LIKE)
Prehistoric Vertebra - Harvey (LIKE), Maru (LIKE)
Rare Disc - Wizard (LIKE)
Rusty Cog - Dwarf (LIKE), Maru (LIKE)

If you have issues or ideas for additions to this mod, feel free to comment them!