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Adds 170+ queer dialogue strings to the game, and amends a few dialogue strings to be queer friendly.

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Brief Overview

This mod is intended as a companion to my Pride March mods. It adds roughtly 4-5 queer-friendly dialogue lines to all characters except Krobus, Dwarf and the Ginger Island characters, gives some characters particular queer identities and supports queer or trans headcanons in the Stardew universe.

It adds some non-identity specific dialogue, such as characters referencing Pride and watching queer movies. Some references are obscurer than others. Demetrius specifically references queer scientists, while Elliott quotes queer poets. Alex references queer sports people in fall. Dialogue about Harvey's clinic references trans healthcare.

There's also a config file so you can turn off specific headcanons that don't gel with your playthrough.


Stardew Valley 1.5+
- Content Patcher 1.23.0+
- SMAPI 3.12.6+

Note this mod overwrites a few strings in Canon Friendly Dialogue Expansion.


Emyn's Pride March by gwenynnefydd (me!) - adds a Pride event to Summer 1. This mod refers to character's getting ready for pride, but you'll need this mod if you want the actual event.

Diverse Stardew Valley - this adds diversity to Stardew Valley, and has options to add sprites to support trans Sam and trans Penny dialogue.


Just drag and drop into your mod folder.

Config Options

When you first start the game, CP will autogenerate a config for you. These are fairly self explanatory, however you can choose "true" for dialog you'd like to include, and "false" for ones you want to exclude.

Some characters reference the identities of others, however if you turn off the relevent toggle, these strings will also be removed. For example, if you set "TransSam" to "false", Kent, Jodi and Vincent will stop commenting on his transition.

You can also set all of these to false and still get some generic queer dialogue, but it will be harder to find.