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This mod uses CP to add wallpapers and floorings to the game. You can use them to decorate the farmhouse as usual, or use them as tilesheet. For that read instruction on mod page :)

Permissions and credits
This mod uses CP to add wallpapers and floorings to the game. They can be found in the catalog and be used to decorate the farmhouse.

But there's more. You can also use them as tilesheet in your custom locations. See instructions below for details :)

This mod is using a feature available in 1.5.5. This means it's not compatible with 1.5.4 versions of the game.

For players : Just download the mod if you want more wallpapers and flooring to decorate your farmhouse or shed. Alternatively, this mod may be required by other mods as a dependency so modders can use the assets for decoration. In this case, you'll need it too.

For modders : You can treat the assets of this mod the same way you would do with vanilla assets : use them to create the map,
keeping the same name*, but do not include in your mod folder on release, and don't redistribute the assets. This will cause issues.
Don't forget to add this mod as a dependency.
(*renaming assets in tiled when needed for loading order purpose is fine. Don't change the original name of file however).

If you aren't familiar with the process, ask questions in comments or on the modding section of the SDV discord :)

Note : the wallpapers and floors in this mod are the same than in my CWF mods.

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