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Disables (toggle) automatic pickup of items from the ground.

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Disables (toggle) automatic pickup of items from the ground. When enabled, the mod displays a "hand" icon to the left of your current Gold amount.
You can bind a Key to toggle on/off this option in the mod config file. Default Key is CapsLock.

Imagine that your backpack and storage chests are all full and you want to free up some slots on your belt to work on some project. You drop several items on the ground that you plan to pick up and use later. But they immediatily or after a stepping next to them fly back to your inventory, and you have to drop them again.

This mod solves this problem! You can turn off automatic items pickup until you really need it. And then you can walk around items on the ground without worrying about them jumping back into your belt!

See "Bugs" section (tab) for known issues. Latest version - 1.0.3 (06 FEB 2022) - for 1.5.6 game version.

!!! Requires SMAPI to work.
Tested on game version 1.5.6, but may possibly work on previous/next versions as well.
Not tested in Multiplayer and platforms other than Windows PC.

Installation instructions:
  • First install SMAPI. Detailed instructions are available at .
  • Then unpack mod archive content to the <Your-Game-Directory>\Mods folder. Detailed instructions are available at .
  • Launch the game directly with the StardewModdingAPI.exe in your game folder, if you don't care about achievements. Or look at and configure your Steam or GOG client to play with mods.

To change the default toggle key bind:
  • Launch the game with the mod at least one time.
  • Close the game.
  • Edit "ToggleKey" parameter in the config.json file in the mod folder (.\Mods\DisableAutoPickup).


  • [TASK] - [DONE] Watch for bugs reported by the community.