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About this mod

This mod adds six new bonsai trees as decorative furniture.

Permissions and credits
What does this mod do?
This mod is a content pack that adds six new bonsai tree decorative furniture pieces using the Dynamic Game Assets framework. 

How to use:
  • Make sure you have DGA installed.
  • Put this folder (unzipped) into your mods folder, and it should be good to go!

How to remove:
Make sure you have deleted all instances of the new furniture before removing this folder from your mods folder. 

Where do I buy the new furniture?
You can get one bonsai tree each day at Robin’s. Each day of the week has a different tree. 

Known DGA bugs that may come up:
  • None, let me know if you find one!

  • English, Spanish, and Chinese (simplified/traditional) were done by me. 
  • French, German, and Italian were done by me and Misha. Russian was done by Misha. 
  • Portuguese was very kindly done by Roxas, whose mod page containing some translations can be found at this link. 
  • Turkish was very kindly done by KediDili, whose mod page containing some nice mods can be found at this link. 
  • Japanese was very kindly done by bblueberry, whose mod page with some nice mods is at this link.
  • Korean and Hungarian were done by me with a lot of help from Google Translate, and proofreading of Hungarian done by Misha. Please do contact me if you have corrections!

Inspiration and thanks:
In making the art, I was inspired by Lumisteria’s many beautiful furniture packs in the vanilla art style. Also, I would like to thank Misha for all his help.