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Refined portraits for Abigail and Emily that make them better but still true to the vanilla style. Maru added!

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Refined Abigail, Emily, and Maru Portraits
My Refined portraits have substantial edits made to vanilla portraits (that I think) improve them.
In Abigail's case, I wanted to make her hair look a bit more normal and get rid of the octopus parts in there. Her face has been slimmed a bit and the nose changed. Her outfit looks a bit weird so I smoothed it out and gave her a whole new inner tshirt. More of her arms are also showing now. I think she looks more mature too.

Emily got a whole hair makeover since it was a mess and looked nothing like her sprite. Her outfit was also changed to a sleeveless red dress, The shadows on her face have been toned down. I really like what I did with her, and I hope you do too.
Check out more of her expressions in the gallery.

3/16/17: Uploaded with Refined Maru Portraits
I felt Maru was not as attractive as the other bachelorettes so I fixed her up a bit.
Her face was slimmed and the shading on the neck is more realistic. Her other expressions were also improved to look more young/feminine.
And ugh, I really hated her nurse hat.

2/20/20: Updated Maru Portraits

This is an updated version of Maru's portrait with hair that looks better with her smaller face that I first changed.
Currently, only this Maru portrait mod is CP compatible. 

. This mod replaces the original portrait .xnb files found in Content\Portraits. Please make a backup of the original files if necessary.
. Unzip or extract the files for the portraits you want to replace after downloading.
. Place (or replace) the file(s) into the Stardew Valley folder under Content\Portraits.

Thanks for downloading!

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