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Adds an elevator to the Skull Cavern

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This Mod is based on SMAPI 1.8+, for installing SMAPI refer to https://smapi.io/.
For installation unpack the zip-File in the Mods Folder, just like any other SMAPI Mod.

An elevator like in the normal mine is added to the Skull Cavern, like in the normal mine the elevator is updated every 5th Floor by default.
Note: The elevator is always placed to the right of the ladder.

Update 1.1.2

In the folder SkullCavernElevator there will be a file called config.json after starting the game with the mod, in this file you can change how frequent the elevators appear. You just need to change the value behind the "elevatorStep" : (the 5). 

Update 1.2.1

A new setting called "difficulty" has been added to the config.json file. It changes the number of elevator levels appearing in the menu. The value is calculated as follows: deepestMineLevel/elevatorSteps/difficulty.

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