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Thirteen new Adventure Time hairstyles with more to follow

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Adventure Time hairstyles

​I love Adventure Time to bits so decided that it would be fun to make a few mods that make the player look like AT characters.

Included here are twelve new hairstyles:
#17- Finn's hat, no hair
#18- Finn's hat, with hair
#19- Prince Gumball
#33- Fionna's hat
#34- Fionna, hair down, bunny hairband
#35- Princess Bubblegum, hair down
#36- Princess Bubblegum, hair up
#37- PB, hair down, no colour
#38- PB, hair down, no colour, darker outlines
#39- Marceline, hair down
#40- Marceline, half shaved
#41- Marceline, ponytail
#42- Flame Princess

Some things to know:
-For hairstyles with accessories (hats/ crowns/ tiaras), the hair colour slider needs to be as white and bright as possible in order for the hairstyle to be the right colour.
-None of these hairstyles replace any of the vanilla hairstyles.
-Depending on how many hairstyles I have added, there may be bald hairstyles at the end, this is normal.

To install:
Add the .xnb file from this download to Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Farmer (Remember to rename the .xnb file to hairstyles.xnb). Also it might be a good idea to make a backup of the vanilla hairstyles.xnb file).

Later updates:
Finn and Fionna's t-shirts
Princess BubblegumDone
Marceline AbadeerDone
Prince GumballDone
Marshall Lee
Ice Queen (Maybe)
More FP and Prubs