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Arena Challenges Mod adds a new arena location which will provide you with rewards for defeating monsters during hard challenges in the arena.

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Are you tired of getting nothing from defeating all those monsters? Well, welcome the Arena Challenges Mod! This mod adds a new location accessible via the mines, which will allow you to engage in dangerous combat for some seriously good rewards!

If you think you're ready to take on the arena, then go ahead!

Installation Instructions
1. Download the ACM files from the Nexus files page.
2. Place both the [DLL] and [CP] folders into your mods folder.
3. Ensure you have Content Patcher installed.
4. Enjoy taking on the arena!
If you discover any bugs, please inform me by placing a bug report, commenting on Nexus, DMing me on Nexus, or DMing me on Discord at XxHarvzBackxX#3665

When you enter the door in the mines, you'll be brought to a 'lobby' or sorts. To enter the arena and take on the deadly challenge that awaits you inside, speak to the man at the desk. He will ask you a few questions and then you will magically be transported into the arena to take on the beasts! Beware... you might not come back.

Monsters will spawn in waves / rounds and after you complete one round, another will start. After defeating an amount of rounds, the BOSS ROUND will begin, which has extra enemies, and one super-strong enemy!

If you succeed in taking on the monsters inside the arena, you will receive a random prize based on the difficulty you chose. These prizes are great, and very valuable! If you fail, however... I can't guarantee your safety...

So, do you think you can take on the arena?
- Harvz