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Allows the player to customize their babies, toddlers and children to look like their spouse.
Alternative Textures or Content Patcher version, only spouse-like children are available.

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Customizable Baby and Children - Alternative Textures and Content Patcher

This mod lets the player make the children look like their spouse.
Note that in this version only the marriage candidates' children are available, you can't modify their hairstyle, clothing, etc.
For total customization of the children, please check out this other mod.

Versions (install only one):
It contains two versions, one for Alternative Textures and one for Content Patcher.
  • The Content Patcher version will automatically choose the sprite that matches your spouse. If you're using a custom NPC, are divorced, etc. it will use Harvey's children sprite as default. Note that if you remarry, your kids will look like your new spouse.
  • The Alternative Textures version requires you to change manually each kid's sprite. This means your kids can look like different marriage candidates, and that children in multiplayer won't look all the same. Check the tutorial below to see how to customize them.

  1. SMAPI and Content Patcher/Alternative Textures must be installed.
  2. Download the mod and unzip it.
  3. Place the folder [AT] Customizable Baby and Children/[CP] Customizable Baby and Children (only spouse-like) in your Mods folder.

Alternative Textures Customization Tutorial:

If you're using Content Patcher version, and you have other mods that change your children appearance, only one will load.
If you're using Alternative textures version, there shouldn't be any problem, and you could choose between these sprites and the one you installed.

Special thanks:
Thanks to Pandy for providing me her base sprites, her Sebastian Baby mod inspired me to create this one.

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Please let me know in the comments if you encounter any bug, and I hope you enjoy even more your experience in Stardew Valley with this mod!