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Gives the player a vertical toolbar

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NOTE: Requires SMAPI version 3.0 or higher

This mod gives the player a 5-slot vertical toolbar.

This will also free the spaces from the inventory, allowing you 5 extra inventory spaces for your desires

Copy the contents in the mods folder

Upon loading a new game, you will see a vertical toolbar. To populate your toolbar, go to the pause menu and drag the items in the bar

To use items in your toolbar, simply click on the item, or use the hotkeys Left-Ctrl+ [1-5]. 

You must run the mod once after installation/upgrade (To 1.5.0)

You can set the following options:
Orientation: Where the Toolbar will be displayed. Options are "LeftOfToolbar", "RightOfToolbar" "BottomLeft", and "BottomRight". Defaults to "LeftOfToolbar".

HoldToActivateSlotKeys: The Key to Activate selecting Vertical Toolbar Slots. Defaults to "LeftControl".

ChooseSlot[1-5]: The Key to use to select while pressing and holding HoldToActivateSlotKeys. Defaults to Num 1 - Num5.

ScrollLeft:  Defaults to "LeftTrigger"
ScrollRight: Defaults to "LeftTrigger"

Scrolls the Toolbar.

Remove the folder in the mods folder. If the tools are not seen, organize your inventory, and they will appear.