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Babies and toddlers sprites now look like your anthro spouse with individual and unique aesthetics! Best used with Anthro Characters Continued~
Made with Lumisteria's help. Only usable with Content Patcher.

Permissions and credits

Here's the first anthro mod that will change your babies/toddlers to look like your anthro spouse!

With the new update, babies now have an individual aesthetic with unique hairstyles and new looks.
Please check the Hairstyles Guide in the mod folder for a complete guide on every available hairstyles for males and females babies.

Requires Content Patcher and SMAPI.

Extract the mod folder into your Stardew Valley\Mods directory.
There is a text file included instructing you on which values work with the config file.

This mod should be compatible with most children mods, though you might expect conflicts with other mods editing sprites.

* Babies looking like every single villagers for people using "date and marry everyone" mods
* Working and testing another version using AT Framework (with Brightonmorris1's help)

Lumisteria for the entire coding