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A younger and slimmer Harvey portrait without mustache. A revamped Elliott. Refined portraits of Sebastian and Shane.

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Refined Bachelors Portraits

Here are my slight edits to the original portraits. I made them because of little things that irked me, or ways I thought would make the characters look more attractive. I like to keep my edits small and true to the vanilla style so that even when you replace just one portrait, they still mesh in well with the rest of the ingame portraits.You can also check previews of their portrait sheets in the gallery for comparison.

2/15/20 Shane Portrait Updated

Updated Shane's portrait with improvements across the board! This portrait is available separately in the optional files section.

1/12/20 Sebastian Portrait Finished

I finally got around to fixing Sebastian up. I reimagined his hairstyle and added more definition to the hoodie and neck.
This is my gift to all my supporters! Thanks for all your support through the years (especially the ones where I went MIA).

Use it with my sprite mod: Shorter-haired Sebastian

3/9/17 Updated with Elliott

Elliott has the worst portrait out of all the bachelors IMO. I worked off one of his old portraits, updated it, and edited it to my liking. I made his expressions based off of his vanilla portrait to the best of my ability. Not happy with all of them but I think its good enough.

I use this portrait mod with my sprite mod: Elliott Refined

A refined Harvey portrait that is true to the vanilla style.
His mustache was removed along with a few other tweaks and he now looks younger and slimmer.
(May add mustache version later).

Also check out my Refined Version of his sprite: Harvey Refined

Alex has a slimmer profile and his lazy eye is now fixed. Also lightened some shadows.

Shane has tons of minor edits to make him look more handsome and up to par with the other bachelors. (This is the older version.)

Instructions for SMAPI & CP:
Install the latest version of SMAPI and then Content Patcher.
. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
. Run the game using SMAPI.

Instructions for .xnb (no SMAPI):
. This mod replaces the original portrait .xnb files found in Content\Portraits. Please make a backup of the original files if necessary.
. Unzip or extract the files for the portraits you want to replace after downloading.
. Place (or replace) the file(s) into the Stardew Valley folder under Content\Portraits.

Thanks for downloading!