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Increases movement speed on placed paths, including while on your horse (configurable). By default, also provides this path speed boost when not on the farm.

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In Stardew Valley, paths have a feature that most players don't know about because it's almost unnoticeable—they provide a very slight boost to your movement speed when walking on them, only while on your farm. This mod amplifies that speed boost and, by default, provides the boost on paths outside of your farm as well. This promotes the creation of paths between commonly travelled areas, now not only serving as a nice floor decoration, but as efficient, uniquely designed roadways as well.


  • Increases the speed boost obtained from running on a path (by default, from 0.1 (2% boost) → 1.0 (20% boost))
  • Provides path speed boost off of the farm
  • Provides path speed boost when on your horse (with configurable multiplier)
  • (NEW in v1.2.1) When placing a path on top of an existing one, replaces the old path with the new one, and returns the replaced one into your backpack (or drops it on the ground if you don't have space)

  • DefaultPathSpeedBuff: How much of a speed boost moving on a path gives you.
  • IsPathSpeedBuffOnlyOnTheFarm: Whether or not paths only boost your movement speed while on the farm.
  • IsPathAffectHorseSpeed: Whether or not paths also boost movement speed while riding a horse.
  • HorsePathSpeedBuffModifier: Constant multiplier for horse path speed boost (intended to be < 1.0, so horses aren't overwhelmingly fast).
  • IsEnablePathReplace: Whether or not to enable path replace functionality.
  • IsUseCustomPathSpeedBuffValues: Whether or not path speed boost amounts are different for each type of path.
  • CustomPathSpeedBuffValues: If IsUseCustomPathSpeedBuffValues=true, use the following values instead of DefaultPathSpeedBuff.
  •   - {"PATH_TYPE"}: For each individual PATH_TYPE, sets the path speed boost amount.

Supports single player, split-screen local multiplayer, and online multiplayer.

(NEW in v1.2.0) Supports Generic Mod Config Menu for in-game config editing.

Source on GitHub: Source