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This mod was made for Unsurpassable Z's modding competition. Other than that... Hmm Cheese Hmm Hmm Hmm Cheese Yummy.

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Mod Description
This mod includes all sorts of changes around the two cheese items. The main changes include making cheese overpowered and adding a new cheese ore.

Installation Instructions
  • To download the entire mod, download the main file (this requires Content Patcher and Custom Ore Nodes)
  • To download only the cheese ore, download the Custom Cheese Ore file from the miscellaneous section (this only requires Custom Ore Nodes)
  • To download only the gameplay changes, download the Gameplay Changes file from the miscellaneous section (this only requires Content Patcher)
  • Drop the .zip file in your mods folder and unpack it (it will be normal that it shows up as multiple folders)
  • When the game launches it will tell you that you are launching 5 mods (if all requirements and no other mods are installed) this was done as the mod works with two different kinds of content packs and a regular mod file.

Detailed Changes

  • Multiplied cheese selling price by 10
  • Multiplied selling price of cheese cauliflower by 10
  • Eating any kind of cheese adds a lot of buffs
  • Cheese, goat cheese and cheese cauliflower are now universally loved gifts
  • Cheese Ore added (see below for exact details)

Cheese Ore

Cheese ore is a new ore that has been added to all floors in both the regular mines and skull cavern. It always drops between 2 and 5 cheese and has a 50% chance of dropping between 1 and 3 goat cheese. Approximately 5% of all stones in the mines are replaced with cheese ore.