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Adds new quests and heart events for Krobus.

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  • Russian
Krobus now gets more...

  • letters
  • Krobus learns the art of human letter-writing especially for you and even has his very own fancy stationery, yet he only writes to you once… Not anymore! You can now receive new letters, some with quests and some as part of heart events.
  • quests
  • Seeing as he’s a cryptid sewer monster, Krobus can't exactly post any requests on the bulletin board... Now he occasionally writes to you, the only human he trusts, asking for things. (For the quests to work, PurrplingCat's Quest Framework is required). 
  • hearts events
  • This mod gives Krobus 3-and-a-half new heart events which expand on his character a little and focus more (to the point of being corny) on the wholesome interspecies friendship the two of you have. just a hint of disney princess Krobus, who can now befriend two vaguely fantastical creatures making their guest appearances in the Valley.

Compatible with
  • Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters
  • Stardew Valley Expanded (thank you for confirming, katidoj!)
  • currently working on getting it compatible with haywrites' Dwarf and Krobus Narrative Overhauls

Detailed conditions (and warnings) for quests & heart events: