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About this mod

Adds new quests, letters, and heart events for Krobus.

Permissions and credits
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  • French
Krobus now gets more...

  • letters
    Krobus learns the art of human letter-writing especially for you and even has his very own fancy stationery, yet he only writes to you once… Not anymore! You can now receive new letters, some with quests and some as part of heart events.
  • quests
    Seeing as he’s a cryptid sewer monster, Krobus can't exactly post any requests on the bulletin board... Now he occasionally writes to you, the only human he trusts, asking for things. (For the quests to work, PurrplingCat's Quest Framework is required). 
  • hearts events
    Krobus receives new heart events which expand on his character a little and focus more on the wholesome interspecies friendship the two of you share.

Compatible with
  • Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters by gizzymo
  • Stardew Valley Expanded (thank you for confirming, katidoj!)
  • Dwarf and Krobus Narrative Overhauls by haywrites (both the official and unofficial update for CP)
  • Krobus Dialogue Expansion Mod Pack by MelindaC

Not tested for Multiplayer. Currently not mobile-compatible.

What’s new in version 1.1.0?

1) Now the mod should be compatible with haywrites’ Dwarf and Krobus Narrative Overhauls. If you have haywrites’ Monster Pack installed, Krobus won’t start contacting you until you’ve reached 6 hearts with him (the conditions for triggering his events change accordingly).  

2) Owing to Lemurkat’s generous help, Krobus’ spooky cat friend can now return to the Valley as a custom companion (requires PeacefulEnd's Custom Companions mod). Blinky will now accompany Krobus, spawning either in the Sewer or–if Krobus is your spouse/roommate–on the Farm near the front porch, where they will hang out together on rainy days. You can switch Blinky on and off by changing the “PermaBlinky” value from “True” to “False” it in the config file (found inside the [CP] Events folder). If you remove her, the change should take effect on the next day. 

3) Blinky’s return is preceded by a new event, which focuses on Krobus’ background and his acquaintance with Dwarf. Unless you change it in the config file, Blinky will spawn on the following day after seeing the event.

Detailed conditions (and warnings) for quests & heart events:

Krobus and the Spirit's Eve: 25th fall, 3 hearts with Krobus

Dwarf's Insult: player has seen Dwarf’s 50 friendship points event, 4 hearts with Dwarf and Krobus. Completing the quest results in losing some friendship points with Dwarf (you can make up for this if you talk to Dwarf – and, optionally, Krobus – again within 3 days of completing the quest).

New Friends: player has seen Krobus’ 8-heart event


(none of them will trigger on a Friday)

6 hearts: enter the farm between 11 pm and 1 am

8 hearts: visit the Sewer on a rainy/snowy day between 5 pm and 9 pm

Post 8-hearts/follow-up to the New Friends quest:
player has seen the 8 hearts event and completed the New Friends quest; enter the forest after 8 pm

Blinky's return (added in 1.1.0): 9 hearts with Krobus, 6 hearts with Dwarf; player has seen Krobus' 8 heart event; visit the mines between 9 pm and 11:30 pm.

10 hearts: enter the Cindersap Forest on a rainy day between 10pm and 2am. Krobus will invite you in advance, because he’s polite and thoughtful like that. Warning! After completing the event the day ends, your progress is saved and you get warped to your bed. For a tiny bit of extra dialogue, talk to Krobus within 2 days of triggering the event.