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Loads a default configuration of settings after creating a farm, or optionally on every loaded save or joined multiplayer game.

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This mod loads a default configuration of settings after creating a save file, or optionally on every loaded file or joined multiplayer game.


How to use
The mod creates a `config.json` file in its mod folder the first time you run it. You can open that file in a text editor to configure the mod.
Alternatively, you can edit the settings in-game using Generic Mod Config Menu (this is recommended, but SMAPI 3.9.5+ is required).
On loading into the game, the save file's settings are replaced with the ones assigned with this mod.
This effect is not permanent until the day has ended and the game is saved.
Most options are from the original menu, but you can get clarification on boundaries here.

Warning: Setting options to invalid values, as well as doubling up on hotkeys, may result in unusual behaviour.
(also i haven't tested multiplayer pls report if broken)

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