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70+ New Marriage Dialogue for Emily. She will also (optionally) reveal all her unique tastes (likes/dislikes/etc) through dialogue over time.

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
Over 70 new or expanded in-game dialogue for Emily including:

    • Her thoughts about the festivals
    • Memories with Haley and her parents
    • Dialogue based on your friendship with other characters (and when previously married to... certain siblings…)
    • Generally, more dialogue lets you talk to and get to know her better.

    • Over time, Emily will tell you all of her unique tastes (loves, likes, neutrals, dislikes, and hates). For example, she'll tell you about how it runs in her family to hate Holly and how she likes the Stardew Fair because of the plethora of Survival Burgers. It's set to 'true' by default but you can turn this off in Config.

  • A little dialogue from the other NPCs about your marriage with Emily (currently only Haley, Sandy, Gus, Leah)
  • A dialogue question

Compatible with:
True Love Valley
Majority of non-dialogue mods
Multiple Spouses (though Multiple Spouses often plays Spouse Room dialogue even when the spouse is just walking around the house, sometimes. Anyway, that means that you might not see some dialogue when you have Multiple Spouses.)
Not Compatible with:
Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion (only the Emily Marriage Dialogue part of it though. It's possible to get rid of it.)
Not sure yet:
Please Remember My Marriage (will probably be compatible with the next update)

Coming soon: 
  • More dialogue from the rest of the NPCs
  • Probably more dialogue questions

Mods used in photo: 
Seasonal Cute Characters by Poltergeister (probably now only on Moddrop)