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Smash quality of any item in opened chest and stack together, flower will decolor to single color.
Add similar 1.5 feature which store current inventory item into the chest if the chest have the same "name" item (cross quality but not stack for different quality).

Permissions and credits
THIS MOD IS MAIN TARGET FOR ANDROID SV ONLY, although it is runnable on SV1.5, but please consider of Quality Smash from barfytheclown which have better UI and more configurable.

I love the mod Quality Smash from barfytheclown and this idea was brilliant, so satisfied after smash all item quality. Unfortunately android mod user is not able to enjoy it so i make it my own.

  1. SMAPI 3.7.6+

  1. Smash all quality item to no-quality item, stack it if available.
  2. Smash all flower into no-quality flower, smash color into first flower color (arrange the order before smash so you can decide color your self).
  3. Auto stash inventory item into chest if the chest have the same "name" item (cross quality but not stack for different quality).

Unlike Quality Smash, this mod have no option to configure, only way is smash all quality.

How To Use:
  1. Open chest.
  2. Click [F8] for smash quality.
  3. Click [F9] for auto stash item.

Both key able to configure, the KeyName please refer: Stardew Valley Wiki Key Bindings
The "config.json" will auto generate after enter the game if no config.json file found. You might able to create the config file if you wish.
Default "config.json":
  "SmashKey": "F8",
  "StashKey": "F9"