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How about giving a new look to your beloved crops? That is, both your items and your seed packs. I guarantee you won't regret it!

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Hey guys! Welcome to my new fresh mod, and this time this one came out of nowhere, while I was redoing cranberry sprite, and one of my friends asked me to proceed. Going straight to the point, have you always wanted the game sprites to have a little more of life? Well, Sunny Crops basically changes the look and design of all the game's crops including some extras, making art more vivid and fun.

      Sunny Crops redraws 91 items from the game. All related to crops and foraging category, including the
objects found on the beach.
You can disable any you disliked in the config.json inside the folder of the mod after running smapi.
All redesigned items had their color palettes reused! This means that, I didn't make them lose their vanilla
 essence. Their designs - most of them - were inspired by real-life ones too, but nothing too realistic.
The mod will be divided into three parts: release, seed packs update and last, growth period update. So in addition to
the objects and seed packs, crop period growth will gain a touch of my person :D.

Now Sunny Crops has seeds too! All were redesigned as well, like the crop objects to match my art style and the
mod purpose and you can set them up the same way ^-^.

All the art made by me, Taiyō, while the codes by my friend Stashek - initial release - and now remade by Nathan;
- Mod page inspired by Queen Blueberry work;
- If you liked my work and the mod, buy me a coffee!