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This mod uses the framework Alternative Textures to add several alternative textures for many big craftables. Whether you want your craftable to blend more in their environment, have different colors for the uses you have for them, or just like diversity, you'll find new options here.

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This mod uses the brand new Alternative Textures framework to bring you new options to retexture your craftable. It provides several options for more than 30 craftable !

How does this mod works ?

When you place a craftable that have an alternative texture, you have a chance that the default texture is replaced by one provided by this mode. Alternatively, you can use the paint bucket provided by the framework to target any craftable that have an alternative texture and choose the one you want.

The framework allows multiple instances of the same object to have different textures. So you have have two different mini-fridges using different textures to differenciate their content, or to avoid having a monotonous kitchen with all the mini-fridges looking the same.

What are the items that have alternative textures currently ?

With update 1.0.0, items are the following :

Auto-grabber, Auto-Petter, Bee House, Big Green Cane, Big Red Cane, Cask, Cheese Press, Chest (no recolor), Dried Sunflowers, Garden Pot, Grave Stone, Green Canes, Heavy Tapper, Iron Lamp-post, Keg, Log Section, Loom, Mayonnaise Machine, Mini-Fridge, Mini-Shipping Bin, Mixed Cane, Oil Maker, Preserves Jar, Recycling Machine, Red Canes, Seed Maker, Slime Egg-Press, Slime Incubator, Tub o' Flowers, Wood Lamp-post, Wood Sign, Workbench.

Alternatives textures  (AT) are often choice between mahogany wood texture and walnut wood textures.
Heavy Tappers have some colored AT themed like the different products tappers can provide : yellow (like maple syrup), Green (like oak resin), grey (like pine tar), purple (like purple mushroom). Convenient if, like me, you never remember which tree is oak and which one is maple.
Mini-Fridge has several AT, some with labels for better food organisation.
Flower items (Tube o' flower, dried sunflowers) have some variations.

The different textures of this mod have usually keywords associated to them. All the texture i make have the keyword "Lumi" so you can find them in middle of other texture pack. Wood based texture have the keyword "wood", mahogany and walnut also have the specified essence name as keyword.

If you use lot of packs changing craftable, this will allow more convenient search !

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