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A simple gender swap name and dialogue change mod, made to go with the gender swap portraits and sprites.

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This is a simple gender swap name and dialogue change mod, made to go with the gender swap portraits and character sprites.

So long story short this is a quick solution for people who wants a dialogue mod to go with my gender swap portraits and sprites, It only changes the name of the characters (Abigail into Aiden, Emily into Emment, Haley into Hale, Leah into Liam, Maru into Marcus, Penny into Pete), and change their female pronounces into male pronounces in the dialogues.
There are no story changes and rewrites in this mod. For a whole story overhaul please wait for ariasonata's dialogue mod.

It's the mod I use myself and it might not be the most perfect mod ever. Let me know if you find any unchanged names and female pronounces from vanilla game/ dialogues that are not changed correctly/ animation glitches.

This mod does not include portraits and character sprites, for the gender swap portraits and character sprites please check my other mod:

This is a content patcher mod, drag the folder from my zip into Stardew Valley\Mods to install.

If you don't like the name I give them, Try use xIXApollyonXIx's Change villager and gender with ease mod instead, you can name them whatever you want with this mod, go check it out! :D (and give them endorsement and loves)