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These mods adds clumps and nodes in the mines, containing metal ores, gems, and maybe minerals if you can go deep enough in the skull cavern... All items dropped by these mod are vanilla !
If you want a bit more surprise when mining, this mod is for you.

Permissions and credits
1.0.1 :
Fix the issue with clay node dropping coal instead of clay. Now drops clay with a small chance to drop coal too.
Added a clump dropping coal.
Fixed some cases when clumps and nodes could drop at high rate at Quarry Mine. Some clumps and nodes can still appears here.

These mods are adding clumps and nodes in the mines (including the skull cavern), containing metal ores, gems, and, if you can go deep enough in the skull cavern, even some minerals.

All the items dropped by the clumps and nodes are vanilla.

These mods aim to be balanced : new clumps and nodes are uncommon, some even rare, but are more rewarding than their existing equivalents, holding more gems or metals for example. They provide a feeling of discovery and nice surprises to find, can make mining a bit more rewarding, and more exciting, without being too powerful.

The new nodes may start appearing at any level of the mine, but the most interesting stuff may only appear in the deepest level of mines or in the skull cavern.

You will need Custom Resource Clump and Custom Ore Nodes for these mods to work.
If, however, you only want to use one of them and not the other, you can delete the related mod inside this mods' folder.

Note : the balance of this mod is based on the fact that reaching level 100 of the skull cavern is a challenge. If you have mods allowing you to go consistently deeper than level 200+, this may have impact on the balance of this mod.

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