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More dialogue for NPCs in every even hearts depending on day of the week and season +flirt-ish
For Bachelor/ette/s
For others

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1.3.0 - Uploaded Harveypack
           Edits: Alexpack - compiled from contributed dialogue.
                    Fixed misspells, etc.
1.2.0 - Uploaded Alexpack and edited Abigailpack
           Edits: Fixed Dialogue mistakes (CC dialogue), etc.
                    Changed emotion portraits

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More dialogue for NPCs in every even hearts depending on day of the week and season +flirt-ish.  This mod is more like an enhanced vanilla. So in case you have expectations of a whole new world you won't find it here :( Sorry. 

For Bachelor/ette/s [In total 140+ lines of dialogue; inclusive of default dialogue] 
For others [In total 50+ lines of dialogue; inclusive of default dialogue]

As of 2/25: Collaborating with Rayleigh, Hannah, Ariane :)

Disclaimer: I've not tested it intensively and I'm not much of a writer and English isn't my first language so there will be grammar mistakes or misspellings 
...and whatever errors. I have double checked it but as you know even if I'm reading the same material over and over I'm only human and will prolly miss some...You might also recognise some lines from quotes, lyrics and google search quotes or whatnots. I hope it's not too cheesy haha. Anyway please don't hesitate to tell me any errors :D ENJOY!!!

There are 2 file types: Packed and Unpacked
If you guys want to read it without the having to play :)

Abigail, Caroline, Pierre, Alex, George, Evelyn, Harvey

Just paste the packed file directly to Content\Characters\Dialogue after unzipping


>Can I read this in one playthrough? 140 seem to be a lot. It's just a waste.
- Um to be honest I haven't played my own mod yet! haha but if I think about it no? Unless you can control your heart level properly. The way the dialogue is set-up is that all seasons have a 0/2/4/6/8/10 heart dialogues that is triggered on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat/ unless you can stay at a heart level for a year then I don't think you'd be able to read all of it. Because if it's let's say Summer at 2 hearts then it becomes 4 hearts before Fall then you've missed the 0 and 2 hearts dialogue for Fall and Winter already. 
I guess 140 is a lot, lol but it's not a least if you divorce the npc, do a memory wipe and start over, you might encounter the dialogues you missed and it'll be like a diff/sim npc? aka The Vow (whoot)!!
>When will you make XXX npc?!
- No dates yet. I still have a life ><. Usually takes me 1-2 days/npc then another day for checking and another day for final. It depends also if I already have certain dialogues in my head. Abigail was easy because she had a lot of background I could tap in. Some don't have that...
 (If you want me to work faster give me suggestions and possible dialogue...)
>Pet names...? Whaut.
- I didn't change a lot of the marriage mods. Some lines maybe because it's a bit depressing. I just wanted it to be more "personal" that's why I added the pet names for each spouse so they won't all call you just honey/darling/dear....and tbh I don't like those terms HAHA. You can easily edit the names with find/replace. 

Permission: You can edit my edit but please do not upload it. :D You can send it to me and I can merge it with my file instead. Yey collab haha. or if you have an existing edit already let's go volt in. Lol~

I'm still working on the others~ will upload in the future :D if you have suggestions please feel free to send them to me. Topics or dialogues or whatever. hehe

PS: Sorry if I don't upload as a whole..since I haven't finished it yet it's better to have feedback for the ones I've already worked on so I don't make the same mistake for the rest. :D

CREDIT: @kaguraHime for some dialogues for Alex :D