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Crop Check allows players to select tiles anywhere that will be checked each day to see if they are grown. If a tile that a player has saved has a fully grown crop on it, the player will receive a notification in the morning.

Permissions and credits
Using a configurable hotkey the player can save tiles that they want to be checked each day for a harvestable crop. In the morning, if any of the tiles the player has saved has a harvestable crop on it, the player will receive a message with the name they chose for that tile and the tile's location.

To save a tile press the configurable hotkey ("N" by default) and enter in a name for that tile.
To unsave a tile, simply press the same hotkey on the tile you want to unsave.
You must sleep/save in order for your changes to be saved.


Compatible With:
Generic Mod Config Menu
- Stardew Valley 1.5
- Smapi 3.12

Console Commands:
cropcheck_list <location>: Lists all saved tiles in the location the player specified. (Location names are case sensitive.)
cropcheck_clear <location>: Clears all saved tiles in the location the player specified. (Location names are case sensitive.)

CropCheck Hotkey: Configurable hotkey to save tiles
Fruit on Trees for Alert: The number of fruits on a tree needed for CropCheck to alert the player (1-3)
Auto Unsave: Toggles whether or not tiles are unsaved once their notification is sent

Known Issues:
-This mod uses the default naming menu function from Stardew Valley so there is a random name button in the naming menu.
- In multiplayer, this mod will only work for the host.

Source Code
Machine Check (Same Mod but for Machines)
Feel free to report any bugs in the posts tab!