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Overhaul of most of the farm buildings with seasonal variants and a more sublte color scheme. Moreover adds matching color variants of the mailbox, flooring, shipping bins, craftables, robins construction area and a custom fence as replacement for the first one. And more to come in future!

Permissions and credits
After long years of waiting I can finally present you my official Content Patcher version of my Seasonal Custom Farm Buildings mod.
This mod is the direct successor of my old mod for Seasonal Immersion.    

About this mod:

This mod changes most of the farm buildings.

The buildings are based on the vanilla buildings with changes according to my taste.
Since I don't like the original coloring of the game I focused on a realistic appearance with realistic colors.
I added many details to the building in accordance to the current season and in comparison to my old mod I added the new farm buildings which were added recently. Additionally I added some matching recolors of vanilla objects (floorings etc.) to achieve a consistent atmosphere on your farm.
Moreover this mod is configurable via Generic Mod Config Menu and of course via config.json. Listed below I'll explain everything more precisely.

What does this mod changes exactly?

Every farm building except Junimo Huts and Obelisks (hopefully I'll add them in a future update):

  • Farmhouse including Greenhouse
  • all three Barns
  • all three Coops
  • Shed and Big Shed
  • Stable
  • Silo
  • Slime Hutch
  • Well (configurable)
  • Mill
  • Fish ponds
  • all variants of Cabins
  • Shipping Bin

Additional replacements:

  • color matching flooring with seasonal variants for fall and winter
  • color matching mailbox next to your farm house
  • color matching pet area for your dog/cat
  • color matching craftables with winter variant if placed outside
  • color matching construction area from robin

Which mods are needed?

Of course you'll need Content Patcher and if you want an easy configuration you'll need Generic Mod Config Menu since my mod is fully compatible with it.

It's strongly recommended to use a map recolor since this mod is designed to represent a more subtle color scheme in comparison to the vanilla game.
I personally use a less yellow Stardew which looks best together in my opinion. You can use everything which suits your taste of course.

How do I configure this mod?

It's strongly recommended to use this mod with its additions but if you doesn't like a certain object or mods are conflicting you can change them.
Regarding well: as default this mods comes with an ouhouse as a replacement for the well. You need to change it if you want a well instead.
If you use Generic Mod Config Menu you can hover over the options to get an explanation what every option change.
If you don't use the config menu:

Future plans:

  • a hedge as replacement for the stone fence (almost ready)
  • custom matching Junimo Huts
  • custom matching Obelisks
  • more details on some buildings (e.g. plants in greenhouse)
  • pethouse for your farm

If you have any questions, suggestions, need help with the installtion or find errors feel free to write a comment.
I recommend to track this mod because I'll keep it updated.

Feel free to add your own screenshots. I would love to see how it looks on different farms. ;)