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Reskins most / all ore-related objects and tools to be more aesthetically pleasing. Mostly pastel colours!

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Do you want to play Stardew Valley with more 'Aesthetic' Ores? Well look no further, because Aesthetic Ores does just that! Aesthetic Ores reskins all ore-related objects to be prettier, with nicer colours, but while still following the original Stardew Valley style!

Copper, the boring, bland, and ugly brown colour, becomes a pretty peppermint green, resembling an oxidised version of copper.
Iron, the dull colour, becomes a beautiful, shiny, periwinkle colour!
Gold, the unoriginal, drab colour, becomes an adorable rose gold colour!
Iridium, the pathetic, dry colour, becomes a beautiful pastel purple!

How to Install
1. Download the mod files on the files tab.
2. Drag the '[CP] Aesthetic Ores' folder into your Stardew Valley mods folder.
3. Install 
Content Patcher if you haven't already.
4. Play with your new beautiful ores and tools, and enjoy!
5. Endorse the mod if you enjoy it!