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A preplanned farm layout for the Riverland farm type. Features include swimming hole, fishing dock, orchards, and Do-It-Yourself fencing.
Now with an alternate layout.

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A few things: I do not know if this is compatible with SVE or any mod like it. I'm going to assume because I had to change the warps into the farm that any mod changing the forest or busstop is not going to work with it. 

EDIT: I removed the built in greenhouse. If you are looking for the one i had built in search for Pookachus  Insane Greenhouse. 

Edit: I also removed the built in shed, while i do not have one that is published there are several wonderful mod options on The Nexus.

I added in more starting debris then is in the Day 1 screenshot. I personally hate debris so i don't put it in my games. 

The animated well by the farmhouse I was not able to put into the map like i did for my own personal farm because the assets are restricted. You can get the mod here:  and place it on the farm or just put a normal well in that spot.

New Layout: if you were using the original layout you will need to start a new game. For new starts simply download the "riverland" layout option, unzip it and drop it in the mod folder, and you are good to go. You can only use ONE of these layouts at a time. This new layout does not include built in greenhouse or shed. And you can use the warp to farm totem (yes i FINALLY figured out how to change where you land). 

Recommended Mods:
*Tractor Mod
*Extended Minecart

As always if you have any problems feel free to leave a comment, in English or French, and i'll look into it.