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This mod is back up! In this case do not repost this mod without my permission. I will not be adding anything more to this mod, please let me know if the mod needs an update for content patcher.

This mod adds the seasonal cookies Evelyn says she is going to bake. She does not talk of winter themed cookies so the o.g. cookie stays in wint

Permissions and credits
During Spring the cookies are replaced by the flower shaped sugar cookies Evelyn talks about, “I'll be baking cookies today. I like to make flower shapes in the spring."

During Summer the cookies are replaced by the palm tree shaped coconut cookies Evelyn talks about, “I'm going to bake cookies today. They're coconut wonders shaped like little palm trees!"

During Fall the cookies are replaces by the pumpkin shaped sugar cookies Evelyn talks about, “Today I'm baking cookies. They're shaped like little pumpkins."

And finally in winter the cookies stay the same!