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NSFW! Makes Shane nicer to you and Replaces his 10heart event with erotica.

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Update: Tested 5/7/2018 This mod is currently compatible with the newest  Co-Op update.

This mod makes Shane's 10 heart event longer so that after the game, he takes you home with him and XXX.
+Shane will be nicer and nicer to you as your hearts go up.
+Shane will be sweet to you and will not mention alcohol after marriage.
He might even say the big L word...

Adults only please

Notes: This works whether you are male or female, Shane is the dominant partner.
Do not change the size of the window while watching the 10 heart event as that will scramble the data (and totally kill the mood).
For the scene, you must NOT be married & you must not have already seen his 10th scene.

+ For video instructions on tricking the game into thinking you haven't seen the scene yet click here.
+ For a mod that gives you free items and makes Shane fall in love with you faster click here. In progress.
+ If you like one of the other bachelors and want them to flirt with you, click here for Seb, Sam, Shane and Alex.
+ If you'd like to get busy with other Bachelors, click these for Seb or Sam. In progress. It's not likely I'll do one for Alex for obvious reasons but maybe if you ask reaaaallll nice....


Simply download the file, unzip and paste the contents folder in your main Stardew Valley folder.
When asked to replace files say yes.

Note. This mod will override any other mods that change what Shane says and will overwrite the scene for his 10 heart event.