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A complete female farmer overhaul! New and edited shirts, pants, body, dynamic sleeves, hairstyles, shoe colors, accessories and skin colors. Highly configurable too (:

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If you are experiencing any issues with hats (invisible hair), please download this mod ~

Hi there!
This is my first mod, my please let me know if you find any mistakes or issues etc. I am very aware that some of the pixel art is not perfect, and I will likely continue to perfect this mod until I am 100% happy with it.

What this mod contains:
 - 112 new and edited shirts
 - 5 edited pants and 4 new ones
 - Female body redone with an option of long sleeves and short sleeves
 - 54 new hairstyles of various lengths 
 - Three config options for brighter hairstyles
 - Completely redone accessories including nose blush, freckles, headbands, and a choker.
 - Dynamic Sleeves based on weather
 - Cuter Shoe colors
 - New Skin colors

PLEASE NOTE: This mod does not add items, but instead replaces some of the current options.

Config Options:
Within the config file, you will see the following.
  "Indigo accessories": "true",
  "Indigo hairstyles": "true",
  "Indigo shirts": "true",
  "Indigo shoe colors": "true",
  "Indigo skin colors": "true",
  "Hair hue": "2"
  "DynamicSleeves": "false",
  "Sleeves": "short",
Change "true" to "false" to disable any of the following. For example, if you have another skin tone mod you wish to keep, ("Indigo skin colors": "false",) will allow for you to have both mods (:

Hair Hue
As for hair hue, there are three different values. 1 being the brightest, 2 being medium brightness, and 3 being slightly darker (Vanilla shades). Just change the hair hue value to any of the three numbers and you're good to go (:

Weather Based Sleeves
You can choose between short, long or weather based sleeves. For a consistent sleeve length, make sure "DynamicSleeves" is set to false, and "Sleeves": has a value of either "long", or "short". To enable dynamic sleeves, your values should look like this; 
"DynamicSleeves": "true", 
"Sleeves": "short",
Weather based sleeves: Farmer has long sleeves in rain, snow, and stormy conditions, and short sleeves in sunny, windy conditions.
(I have not tested every single outfit with the long sleeve setting, so apologies for any strange pixilation, however they should all work just fine).

PLEASE NOTE: If Dynamic Sleeves is enabled, the farmer body will not appear changed in the character creation screen!!

Future Updates: Because many of the shirts and pants are only obtainable via cheats and tailoring, I am happy to make a list of which materials tailor into which outfit for easier use. I also plan to create additional hair styles, shirts, and change the few pants options that have not yet been changed to fit this body (genie pants and grassy skirt). I also plan to create my own hats (:

Thank-you for downloading!