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Athanaeri Corner is a new custom location northeast of the Bus Stop with 4 empty houses, ideal for housing new NPCs

Permissions and credits
Athanaeri Corner
Athanaeri Corner was first created to house my other mod Life Cycle's pairings after they moved in together. I completely redesigned it since it was causing problems and have decided to publish it separately to allow other modders to use it for their own NPCs.


  1. SMAPI, Content Patcher and TMXL must be installed.
  2. Download the mod and unzip it.
  3. Place the folder Athanaeri Corner into your Mods folder.

For modders:
If you want to move one of you NPCs to Athanaeri Corner, you can simply edit the .tmx house files located in Athanaeri Corner\[TMX] Athanaeri Corner\assets.
I recommend not modifying the entrance door, since that would require changing the warps. If you need help, don't hesitate to send me a message! :)

  • Stardew Valley Expanded: compatible.
  • Boarding House: compatible.
  • Ridgeside Village: compatible (download RSV version).
  • The Stray Catfe: compatible.