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Athanaeri Corner is a new custom location northeast of the Bus Stop with 4 empty houses, ideal for housing new NPCs

Permissions and credits
Athanaeri Corner
Athanaeri Corner was first created to house my other mod Life Cycle's pairings after they moved in together. I completely redesigned it since it was causing problems and have decided to publish it separately to allow other modders to use it for their own NPCs.


  • SMAPI, Content Patcher and TMXL must be installed.
  • Download the mod and unzip it.
  • Place the folder Athanaeri Corner into your Mods folder.

For modders:
If you want to move one of you NPCs to Athanaeri Corner, you can simply edit the .tmx house files located in Athanaeri Corner\[TMX] Athanaeri Corner\assets.
I recommend not modifying the entrance door, since that would require changing the warps. If you need help, don't hesitate to send me a message! :)

  • Stardew Valley Expanded: compatible.
  • Boarding House: compatible.
  • Ridgeside Village: compatible (download RSV version).
  • The Stray Catfe: compatible.