Stardew Valley
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About this mod

My Upcoming webcomic character is now wondering the valley (Old Legacy Mod that replaces a current ingame NPC, i plan to update the mod and make him a standalone character with unique likes and dislikes as well as relationship dialogues)

Permissions and credits
*This is a legacy mod from the chucklefish mod forums that i made 4 years ago when stardew valley first came out and was under ownership by chucklefish, concernedape later updated his game and made the PC port self-published, i plan on updating the mod with kaiser's updated look and make him a standalone npc with unique event scenes, dialogue, unique likes and dislikes, and potential bachelor support with a unique child. So for now, if you have any concerns about this legacy mod, let me know!

Kaiser Leospike in Stardew Valley Mod

My Character is now wandering the valley, making friends and enemies on the way there

This Mod replaces the NPC Sam, for now, Until i can manage to be able to add in additional NPCs, He will become a completely seperate NPC

1. Open the Zip Folder
2. Go under Character Sprite & Character
3. Replace Sam.xnb under the portraits folder and replace it with the New Sam.xnb
4. For the Sprite Sheet, Go under Characters and Replace Sam.xnb with the New Sam.xnb for the sprite



Q: Who is he?
A: As he is a modded NPC, He doesn't have anything related to anything in pelican town, and as well,
He is a Cerviko, My webcomic's fictional race of people

Q: Why did you decide to bring him into SDV?

A: For a few things, mostly to "self promote" my personal project and have a minor background for
showing how my character works, and by that, I want people see about his personality and character development,
SDV is a possible candidate to show his evolving personality in a rather casual world

Q; When do you have the chance to "introduce yourself" to him?

A: Well what i was planning is having a scripted cutscene of Kaiser talking to the
General Store owner about borrowing Toilet Paper, confused by this stranger and not knowing his intentions, he shoos him away, but, along the way,
Kaiser bumps into your character, he introduces himself, and wonders off to whatever his house is, but because the
API is still a prototype, For early versions of this mod, he will just be wondering about in pelican town

Q: What game did he originate?, and how did he get into SDV by lorewise

A: Kaiser Leospike belongs to my own webcomic series that is currently in development,
so basically, this is his first appearance in a game even before his own came out,
but by lorewise, Kaiser decides to take a casual stroll through a seemingly quiet forest,
and happens to lead himself to Stardew Valley, Having no place to stay,
He decides to stay in Stardew Valley until his "Time to shine" comes in, so for now, He wonders across the valley,
Talking to its residents, and casually causing pranks to its citizens

Special Thanks
@Ailin on the starbound forums for originally helping me with the sprite art
@ConcernedApe for making such an awesome casual game!