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High res portraits of Boarding House NPC (Gregory, Sheila, Joel ), made to fit with DCBurger's Portrait style. Including seasonal outfit portraits.

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High res portrait of Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension mod NPC (Gregory, Sheila, Joel ), Since I use DCBurger's Portrait for the main game I tried to draw in style that fits with DCBurger's portrait.
Including seasonal outfit portraits.

Find where you installed your Boarding House mod (somewhere in Stardew Valley\Mods folder)
Drag the folders from my zip ([CP] Boarding House, [STF] Buffalo's Ranch, [TMX] Boarding House) to the Stardew Valley\Mods\[BH] Boarding House folder to overwrite the folders in it for it to work. 

Need PyTK to work. (And ofc Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension mod.)

1.01: Edited Gregory's eye in winter outfit.

The characters belong to the creator of Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension: TrentXV, please go give them Endorsements.

For people who would like to support me, I have a Kofi page now check it out :) :

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