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It ain't great, but it's honest bunny! Yup, this turns your vanilla cat into a cute little chonky bunny :)

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>> NOTE: I made this ages ago and apparently the CP does not work, it's been a while since I made this and I never actually knew how to program (I referenced others and tried to wing it) so for now the only option is to replace XNB... Sorry! I just DK how to fix it lmao.

Hallo!! Ever heard of the cat to bunny pipeline? Now you have! I wanted my cat to be a bunny and decided I might as well share it! I don't have much experience with pixel art or drawing bunnies but it should work~~ This is also my only time working with content patcher(mostly just from studying other mods dkfjghlskjdgf) so if I've done something wrong please yell at meeee haha

For now this mod only works with the cat. 
I haven't tested this mod with other pet-changing mods, and your bunny will still meow... just pretend not to hear it ... hahaha
Preview (They go slower at the in-game frame rate): 


1. Make sure to have SMAPI and Content Patcher downloaded~
2. Export the Chonky Bunny folder into the mods folder in your Stardew file.
3. Run with SMAPI, which will generate a config file. This is where you can change your color choice. It defaults to the "Soft White" version, but if you want to change it to the orange ver. then open the config and change Soft White -> Original Orange.

Important Notes: This mod changes the original orange cat (this one) into the bunny. If you have another type of cat, you can go to the wizard after befriending him and change your cat to the right color or use another mod that allows you to change the color. You might be able to go into the mod files you download here and change every instance of "cat" to "cat1" or "cat2" but I haven't tried that so I'm not sure. Or you could take the XNB files from the assets folder, rename it with cat1 or cat2, and paste it directly into your animals folder in your game file (backup your files first!) if you don't want to mess with either... that might work?