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Adds new hairstyles to the game and brightens preexisting ones for your farmer. Mostly female haircuts, but I will eventually add more.

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Thanks so much for the endorsements, they're very much appreciated and encouraged! <3

Do not repost/edit/use my mod as a base without my permission!

So this mod just adds in new hairstyles and lightens the base game hairs (meaning that they will be more vibrant).

I will be adding in more hairstyles, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. This is my first mod, so please be patient with me if I can't answer all of the questions; decided to make this available to all because I figured that I should try to give back to the modding community for once, haha 

Let me know if there are any bugs, and if you guys like this mod!

Installation instructions:

  • Download the mod
  • Extract the archive
  • Go to Stardew Valley/Content/Characters/Farmer
  • Replace the hairstyles.xml file with the provided

You might want to make a backup file of 'Farmer' just in case! But it should work.

My other mods:
  • Portraits (also available on SDV forum here): Simple portrait replacement mod
  • Love Letters: Adds mail to the game sent from bachelors/bachelorettes! They will send mail to the player; some based on your current affection letters, some just checking in. Some mail will also hint at how to trigger their heart events so it feels more natural instead of having to wiki it ;) 


Known Issues:
  • Some of the hats change the hairstyles: This is not something I can fix, that is unfortunately in the game's coding
  • Some hairstyle numbers are bald: this is just the way the png file is set up; they are bald because I've not created hairstyles for those specific numbers yet

4/24/16: Added 6 new hairs
3/30/16: Added 4 new hairs, fixed up some of the first ones I did because they looked like shit
3/25/16: Added 3 new hairs, technically 'male' but all of these hairs can be used on either gender
3/18/16: Added 1 new hair, lightened all hair again, tweaked 3rd hairstyle so it doesn’t look as dumpy
3/16/16: Added two new haircuts, lightened ALL of overall hairs so colors should be a little more vibrant!