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This Content Patcher mod changes Fish Ponds by replacing FishPondData.json. Fish placed in ponds breed faster, roe production scales with the number of fish in each pond, and population gate quests are readjusted and made more interesting.

Permissions and credits
Fish Ponds in their current form are a very interesting concept for players that prefer fishing or animal raising over farming based gameplay, but as they currently are they suffer from multiple issues.

For an in-depth explanation of Fish Pond issues, see below.

This mod makes a number of changes to Fish Ponds and their production. 

1) Fish placed in a Fish Pond spawn faster. 
 - Fish now breed once per day, meaning much less ramp up time before Fish Ponds begin to provide a return on their investment.
2) To rebalance this, Fish Pond population gate quests have been overhauled.
- Instead of waiting forever for your fish to breed, now you have to put more effort into completing your population gate quests!
3) Fish produce more roe, rebalanced to match Lava Eels in terms of gold output.
- Lava Eels are no longer the undisputed best Fish Pond bang for your buck. All rare/difficult-to-catch fish have been brought more in line with Lava Eels. Want Void Salmon ponds to match a witchy aesthetic? Sturgeon ponds to specialize in high quality caviar? Or Blobfish ponds to proudly display your most beautiful catch? With this mod they're all equally great. 

Somewhat incompatible with mods that make changes to FishPondData.xnb as this mod completely replaces the file. This can be fixed by making sure this mod loads first.
Compatible with Smaller Fish Ponds (Fish Wells) by PeaslyWellbott.

Add config options
Consider giving lower value fish different production outputs
Rebalance of fish added by other mods