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This mod (compatible with SVE!) adds a barbershop, including a custom NPC, Tate the Barber, and lets you change hair! It also re-sprites and re-portraits most of the bachelors (all vanilla bachelors except Elliot) to have new, summer friendly short haircuts, and has them visit the barber once every two weeks to keep their haircuts clean.

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This mod adds several features (with many more planned!)

There is now a new "get haircut" feature at the barbershop!

1) A new NPC!

Tate the barber moved to Stardew Valley from Zuzu City, hoping to get away from it all. It's worked great, although he misses his parents sometimes. In any case, he's opened a new barbershop in town, and is providing trendy short haircuts to anyone that wants one! Tate also has custom dialogue for each day (and a few more dialogue options open up when you build his friendship)


2) A new barber location in town!

Tate opened his barbershop across the river from Alex's summer treats stand, just south of Lewis's royal manor. He waits patiently most of the day for his customers to show up to get their haircuts (but also visits the graveyard in the morning if you catch him early enough -- he says it keeps him grounded)


3) Not to mention a new barbershop interior!

4) Includes custom NPC schedules. They will go visit the barber to get their shiny new haircuts cleaned up every other week!

5) Who is that NPC getting a haircut? Why, it's Alex! As mentioned, most of the bachelors got a short new haircut to take advantage of the barber in town! The NPC's also have some custom lines when they're at the barber, and unique ones if you're married to them and they're there!
A) Alex got a sweet buzzcut with a nice fade

B) Sam got a haircut to match his dad's! (And according to this mod's canon, is naturally a ginger! More ginger boy representation in my Stardew!)

C) Shane got that slick high and tight. 

D) Sebastian is bald. (But what about his sweet emo hair!? We'll see.)

E) Harvey has a severe case of... how you say... cul-de-sac (Why? Because I hate him. I also removed his mustache. Screw that guy.)

6) New in 1.1.1! There is now a config.json that will allow you to toggle on/off: portraits for each individual character, sprites for each NPC, and barber visiting schedules for each NPC. Each has a value of True/False. In addition, the AlexHaircutSprite also has an option of "Clothes" that gives him a more casual outfit (no portrait for this option yet -- I still don't want to do more spriting LOL)

7) New in 1.1.1! There's also an option in the Config.json to allow you to use the Barbershop's cash register exactly like the Wizard Shrine. It defaults to False, because it's not flavored or anything, but the option exists for those who want to be able to use the barbershop to update their farmer's hairstyle NOW.

8) New in 2.1.4! A new cutscene for when the barber moves to town (will happen on any non-festival day after Spring 14 year 1 when you go
to town for the first time), a new "Closed" sign on the barber before itopens, slight modifications to some sprites/portraits, and a bunch of
other cool features!

Known issues: If you click through the cutscene too fast, Tate and Lewis will walk off the map lol. It doesn't stop the triggers from working, however. This may not ever get fixed.

Known issues 2: There is an instance of some disappearing bushes that I haven't really dug in to fix yet.

I have a LOT of things that I tentatively plan on adding in future updates.