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Allows you to combine already combined rings in a balanced way, since it gets more expensive and harder to combine the more rings you merge together.

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This mod is based on the  CombineManyRings mods which allows you to put multiple rings together in the Forge, but uses a more balanced and challenging system for creating combined rings with more than two base rings. The overall idea is that with more than 2 rings it is more costly and the process becomes more unstable, which will cause the forge to fail.

With the default configurations, this is the expected behaviour of combining more than two rings in the forge::

  • Combining 2 Rings - Default cost and behavior
  • Combining 3 Rings - cost of 100 Cinder Shards and 20% of chance of failing the forge
  • Combining 4 Rings - cost of 200 Cinder Shards and 40% of change of failing the forge
  • Combining 6 Rings - cost of 400 Cinder Shards and 80% of change of failing the forge
  • Combining 7 Rings - cost of 500 Cinder Shards and 90% of change of failing the forge
  • Combining 12 Rings - cost of 999 Cinder Shards and 90% of change of failing the forge

Therefore to be able to get a lvl 4 Combined Ring (4 rings combined into one) the player will need to expend a total of 300 Cinder Shards (100 for 3 rings, and then another 200 for the 4 rings forge), with an overall probability of success of 48% (80% for the 3 ring forge, and then 60% for the 4 ring forge).

There are multiple configurations that can be changed to adapt the mod to best suit your own level of challenge and fun:
  • CostPerExtraRing: How much is the Cinder Shards cost for each extra ring other than the two initial ones being combined. The default value is set to 100
  • FailureChancePerExtraRing: Changes the how much will the chance of failure increase for each extra ring being combined, other than the two original rings, to a maximun of 90%. Default value is set to 20
  • DestroyRingOnFailure: For the players that are looking forward to a more extreme penalty. On the event of a failure in the forge, one of the rings (most likelly the one with a high-number of combined rings) will be destroyed, in addition to consuming the Cinder Shards for the process. Default value is set to false

The source code can be viewed in Github. (released under the MIT license)